We devise the tastiest mealplan

Our chef makes a meal plan so you don't have to think about it and we overlap ingredients so you waste less!

We send you the recipes and shopping list

We send you an email each week with your shopping list, just add it to your usual shop. You can even click and add it to your online shopping basket.

You prep, cook and enjoy delicious food

We don't want you slaving over the hob for hours, we know the Food Amigo family want good food quickly so we aim for 45 minutes from first chop to plate.

A revolution in meal planning

 Ever asked yourself "what's for dinner" and came up blank? Welcome to your new mealplanning friend!

Food Amigo started out as an experiment in being healthy and losing a bit of extra weight. Meal planning can be difficult and time consuming unless you're some sort of awesome chef, or you have lots of time on your hands it is hard. Unless you are going to eat the same old boring food each week then you have to think about going through recipe websites, finding the right ingredients, remembering to get them in your weekly shop and then all the food preperation that goes with it - you can spend a lot of time doing it. Ever Googled "Chicken Curry Recipe" and got over 2 million results? Then trying to decide which one is best... yawn!

With Food Amigo we do all the leg work for you. We make recipes for you each week, we compile a list of ingredients, we make sure the ingredients will store (in the cupboard) or try to use them again that week to reduce food waste and we write you a shopping list that you can tag on to your normal shopping list. To make it even easier we also make it easy for you to click and add the shopping list to your online shopping basket so it can be delivered right to you by your favourite supermarket (Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado are all supported).

We believe food should be healthy, balanced and accessible (and not overpriced!), in short;
-- We inspire you (helping you cook great tasting food)
-- We save you time (by not having to browse lots of websites for new recipes)
-- We save you food waste (by asking you to buy only what you need)
-- We save you stress (by being able to plan healthy, tasty meals)
-- We save you money (by not throwing away mountains of food)

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Annual plan saves 20% on regular price!

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